Twitter Moments To Make Tweeting Easier

Twitter Moments To Make Tweeting Easier. With all of the talks surrounding Instagram and snapchat stories, twitter, as been, seeing steady growth with its moments feature. Moments curates a collection of tweets that target specific topics or news story selected by twitter editor.

Twitter rolls it out in a sequence to share it as a detail multi-media story. Launching back in October of last your 2015 the gold of moments as been a creative canvas to storytellers around the world.

Twitter Moments Open Up To More Creators

And now today August 20, 2016 twitter open up moments to brands, media influence-er, and celebrities. And also has plans to make it available to all users. Gaby Pena  the product manager stated in the announcement.

By extending this creative format to more people, and eventually to everyone on twitter, we are giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

Moments is already been used by Budweiser, Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay McKesson, and editor and chief Michelle Lee. DeRay McKesson also spoke to the value of the new twitter moments feature”

Moments allows us to collect and curate tweets to tell stories in new ways. It is a powerful twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events.

More About Twitter Moments


For years the knock on twitter as been that it is too hard to use. An average person would pick up the app and they wouldn’t know who to follow, or what a favorite was or what a retweet was.

And this year that actually became a big problem. Twitter user growth plateaued, the stock price plummeted and twitter had to figure out what its next step was. And what they decided to do was to try and build a version of twitter inside twitter. Inside the main app, that would be easy even for anyone to use. They called it moments and it rolled out last year October 6, 2015.


Moments feature is a tab that is centered in the middle area of your twitter app.  Tap it and you will see a list of the day’s top  stories. These stories have been put together by a team of twitter engineers, in New York along with media partners that twitter works with like, Entertainment weekly, Vogue, and Major League Baseball.

Moments is comprised of moments. Confused, What is a Moment.?  Well basically is just a collection of tweets, and when you tap on one of the tweets, it opens up and you will see 8, 9, 10, 12 – 15 tweets that are a wide mix of different things.

They can be text only as well, but most of the tweets you are going to see in the moment’s feature are visual images. You will see photos, you will see videos uploaded to twitter, you may also see vines videos as well.

Twitter tried to build theses moments to make you feel like they all have a beginning and an end. You swipe through them with your thumb and you will see a form of thumbnail image sketch of the story.

If there is anything about that particular story you want to know more about, you can tap on the image or tap on the text and you will have the options to favorite it, retweet  it, follow the person who re-tweeted it or send it to a friend as a direct message lot more actions.


So moments has multiple sections. it might remind you of a newspaper, it opens up in a new section called Today which is a basic mix of the day top stories. There is also a news tab for straight hard news, but then you will also find sports, entertainment, and a category call fun which includes all sort of weird things.


The idea is that you will be able to see all of these tings even if you have never followed a single person on twitter oe even if you have no idea what twitter really is .

They are also building it so that it will highlight interesting conversations on twitter. if two celebrities strat going back a forth at each other, you will see everything they had to say.

You will see one more interesting thing in moments and that is a follow button. Sometimes when there is a big event going on like the Super Bowl or the Oscars you can see a follow button next event app inside moments. If you tap the follow button it will actually bring tweets from that event into your home timeline, Awsome inst it.? 🙂 so that means if you are browsing twitter during that event you will see all the best tweets from the Oscars and from the Suber bowl showing up alongside the tweets of the who you do already  follow.

My Question About twitter Moments

My question to everyone reading these post, do you really think the new twitter moments feature will bring more people to twitter and will the new feature be more user-friendly to everyone who find twitter difficult.?

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