Snapchat New Deal Will Make Hot Spots More Easier To Find


Instagram went and made instastories compete with snapchat, and now we are all thinking it is your move now snapchat. While snapchat is making really big moves, not only with newer and cooler filters to use while streaming live new stories but by partnering with other large companies.

Large companies such as Vurb which could potentially let you plan an entire night out with your friends or family without out leaving snapchat.

It as been reported a few days ago that snapchat is in the closing stages of the deal with VURB, and it is expected to acquire the company for one hundred and ten million dollars $110,000,000. they are also expected to offer an added  seventy-five million dollars $75,000,000 in retention bonuses to keep  to keep VURB’s Founder and CEO Bobby Lo.

Snapchat New Deal With Vurb

Here is the easiest way to explain what is may mean for the future of snapchat. If you are like me you may be wondering, What The heck Is Vurb.? That question is part of the reason its selling Vurb simple struggled to build mass attraction and popularity to boost their relevance in the Social media world.


Vurb is a mobile search app which is basically a more organized cooler version of Yelp. Yelp is basically the same be it is more tedious to use meaning its all over the placed in the app so you will get confused easily.It allows you to search for nearby restaurants, bars, and events and set reservations. well, base on the Washington post I had to do a bit of digging because you know I a person who spend time learning about something I don’t know.

Here is how Vurb is different than Yelp

After you find a venue you are interested in going to, they are simple tabs that allow you to get directions from ways or how to request an Uber. By clicking the tab it takes you to the corresponding app in your phone. Whatever you search for they are also tabs for videos powered by youtube and events nearby that will relate to your search.

You can Then bundle up of your new found information and send it to your friends in a chat within the app to help you arrange the plans. You can also read up on top trending stories within Music, Tv, Movies,and Culture.

They are no reports yet to exactly when and how much of Vurb will snapchat plans to integrate into their app has they are still in the process of closing the deal. As of right now though we can only set back and wish we were Vurb’s founder Bobby Lo who was looking to make some serious cash $,$$$,$$$. 🙂

 Base on the Washington post I had to do a bit of digging because you know I am the person who spends time learning about something I don’t know.

Come to the conclusion of the integration It all make perfect sense when we combine the Vurb feature with snapchat. And yet again well will have to wait and see what these super company bring to the social game.
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