5 Things to Know About Jamaican Rice and Peas


Jamaican rice and peas ingredients. Here’re some genuine facts about a Jamaican food that is worth mulling over, “What might Jamaican life be without rice and peas?”

We know numerous Jamaicans home and abroad hold the rice and peas dish dear to their souls. In any case, few know the history behind that steaming cauldron of rice and red beans stewing in coconut milk with the sweet smell of Jamaican flavors.


Here are five things you might not have thought about Jamaican rice and peas.



1. Rice and peas was received from the Akan tribe hailing from Ghana and Ivory Coast in West Africa. The dish, which still exists in those nations today, is known as Waakye and obviously comprises of the typical rice and beans. Be that as it may, the Akans include sorghum leaves and preparing pop, while Jamaicans season the pot with thyme and pepper.

2. One portion of this well known dish is the staple, rice. Rice was well known in West African society and the slaves conveyed the formula with them to Jamaica and went on the learning to their relatives. To help them conform to their new, shocking environment, the slaves cooked nourishment that was commonplace to them, including rice and peas.

3. Jamaican rice and peas has been nicknamed Ensign. Utilization of this term was initially noted in 1930, when A. Bain Alves reviewed how many men and ladies at a race meeting in Kingston could get up to “a quattie rice and peas” otherwise called Jamaican Emblem. Quick forward decades later and “Jamaican food Escutcheon” is still attributed to our rice and peas.

4. Have you ever asked why Sunday is the most mainstream day for serving rice and peas? It’s absolutely not unintentional. The practice goes back to the times of servitude. Back in the 1700’s, slaves were just permitted Sundays off from their backbreaking work. Furthermore, on this day, the best nourishments were served – boss among them was rice and peas.

5. What’s more, the undisputed title of “Most Eaten Jamaican Sustenance” goes to … Jamaican rice and peas! From era to era, Jamaicans have been faithful to this dish and there are few events when rice and peas does not make the menu. Notwithstanding being an essential piece of Sunday entrée, rice and peas holds the focal point of the audience at weddings, funerals, celebrations and almost every extraordinary occasion in Jamaica. No more saved for Sundays, you can even discover rice and peas on for all intents and purposes each eatery menu on the island.

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