9 Jamaican Food to Eat Before You Die


We all know you cannot talk about Jamaica and don’t talk about our food. Our food is a part of our culture, one of the best things about Jamaica is the food.

People from all over the world visit Jamaica just to get a taste of our rich organic foods to go back and share with the world. Your taste buds may never know the unprecedented eminence of a genuine Jamaican dinner, or the exceptional experience of a foodgasm until you try some of the best mouth-watering foods Jamaica offers. Here are 9 Jamaican food  you should add to your nourishment can list. Also my other post about the

Here are 9 Jamaican food  you should add to your nourishment can list. Also my other post about the best top 5 Jamaican food

Jamaican Patty



Straight from the broiler comes the brilliant yellow, half-moon molded Jamaican patty. For more than a large portion of a century, the patty has held a firm position among the best Jamaican food culture. This prevalent baked good has a flaky shell and fantastically delightful filling which nowadays can be meat, cheddar, chicken, vegetables, ackee, lobster or shrimp.

The patty is best eaten when warm and presented with a similarly warm, rich bread that Jamaicans call “coco bread”. It is regular as a lunch time feast or mid-morning nibble, however, there are littler chomp size varieties known as mixed drink patties which are a major hit at get-togethers.


Jamaican Jerk chicken or pork



The fortunate thing about Jamaican jerk chicken is you can discover it anyplace on the island, here and there in the most surprising spots. You’ll be strolling along the street and the float of smoke and sweet sauce from the adjacent pork container promptly makes an impression on your cerebrum that this sustenance must be eaten up.

Your taste buds are provoked for the meat that has been set up with rascal sauce, Jamaican normal flavors and afterward gradually cooked over a flame broil. At the point when done right, snap chicken or pork is hot and flavourful directly down deep down. Jamaican or not, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the island’s celebrated pork – have only it or with celebration, rice, and peas or bread.

Jamaican Rice and peas



Jamaican rice and peas have the famous title of being an essential dish to cook each Sunday in each Jamaican home. Furthermore, to what does it owe such an undisputed status? The essential fixings are rice and peas (kidney beans are more regular however gungo/pigeon peas are likewise prominent).

In any case, the dish is deficient without new coconut milk, prepared with thyme and escallion, and the discretionary scotch hat pepper on top. Normally an entrée dish, rice, and peas might be presented with any meat and a serving of vegetables.

Jamaican Escoveitch fish



Fish darlings, you haven’t lived until you have tasted genuine Jamaican escoveitched fish. It begins with a straightforward fish that is prepared with salt and pepper and singed to a brilliant cocoa. Be that as it may, this is the place things begin to get intriguing.

The fish is vigorously improved with rings of onions, crisp, splendid orange carrots and scotch bonnet peppers intensely marinated with a peppery vinaigrette. In minutes, you can remunerate your taste buds with the peculiarly tasty, zesty, tart taste. Escoveitched fish is a mainstream delicacy – and an extraordinary approach to offer the meat a reprieve. It is best had with bammy, celebration or bread

Jamaican Festival



Legend has it that eating a festival is truly similar to a having a scaled down celebration in the mouth! Genuinely, however, a festival is a sort of fricasseed dumpling, known for its brilliant shading, frankfurter like shape and freshness. Gnawing into a festival dumpling uncovers a wonderful taste that originates from a mix of cornmeal and flour mixture, milk, heating powder and discretionary spoon of sugar.

It can be had as a flavorful thing, however, is most generally a backup to broiled or escoveitched angle, or presented with rascal meat dishes and in some cases soup.

Jamaican Stewed peas



In light of current circumstances, stewed peas are one of the most loved dishes of numerous Jamaicans. Generally, the fundamental fixings are red peas otherwise called kidney beans, hamburger and pigs tail – yet, it is not unprecedented for Jamaicans to concoct a pot of stewed peas with chicken foot, pork or even saltfish. Still, others will have the stew with just the peas – and with its additional Jamaican flavors, it remains a heavenly alternative for supper time.

Jamaican Food Sweet potato pudding



“Damnation a top, hellfire a base, and thank heaven in the center!” This ole’ time question was discussing the great technique used to heat the mouth-watering sweet potato pudding – with hot coals underneath and on top of the pot steaming with sweet scrumptiousness. These days, present day broilers have assumed control, however, the great ole’ sweet potato pudding remains solidly in its place as one of the best Jamaican pastries there is.

Produced using the staple, sweet potato, it conveys to the mouth flavourful astonishments made by the raisins and flavors, for example, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla that are included. Sweet potatoes are likewise pressed with sustenance, so you bamboozle both universes – nourishment and extraordinary taste.

Jamaican Bread pudding



The name may sound unappealing yet your first nibble of Jamaican bread pudding will make you a believer. Generally produced using the finished pieces of chestnut or white bread a few days old, this insane scrumptious pudding is one of the best pastries there is. The delicate, sweet pastry is considerably more delicious when presented with frozen yogurt or whipped cream. Besides, it’s super simple to make so you will probably succeed in making a delicious bread pudding on the off chance that you attempt it for yourself.

Jamaican Food Ackee and Saltfish

There’s a motivation behind why Ackee and Saltfish have been positioned as one of the main 10 national dishes on the planet. Ackee mates particularly like the dish for its salty/zesty taste as it, for the most part, seasoned with nearby flavors, all the more ordinarily, dark pepper.

It is additionally an outwardly engaging dish as the ackee is splendid yellow in shading, encompassed by the differentiation of green peppers and red tomatoes. Customarily, ackee and saltfish are all the more prominently served at breakfast with the blend of any of these sustenances browned or bubbled dumpling, yam, green banana and fricasseed, cooked or bubbled breadfruit.


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