5 useful Benefits of Jamaican Breadfruit


The entire world is finally prepared to acknowledge what Jamaicans have known for many years. The breadfruit is a natural food source that is both healthy and delightful.

High in sugars because of its starch content, the breadfruit is also very abundant with antioxidants. It’s also a way to obtain calcium, carotenoids, and dietary fiber, as well as iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and C.

Most Jamaicans love to eat breadfruit boiled, fried or roasted. Here are five other uses for this popular food.


Did you know that breadfruit can be used to make gluten-free flour? When processed into gluten-free flour, the breadfruit not only tastes better but provides a lot more nutrition than other gluten-free alternatives. This can be used in dishes exactly like any flour, which is fantastic news for people allergic to gluten products.


Want to protect yourself from ChikV and Zika Trojan? Make an insect repellant with breadfruit! The blossom of the breadfruit vegetable has been used to make a repellant that is highly effective against many insects like the dreaded mosquito. This natural repellant proves to be always a much safer solution than ones comprising DEET which is also good news for the surroundings.


Did you know that the sap of the breadfruit tree is so sticky, that it can be used as a sealant? The sap is strong enough to use on various projects around the house to make a waterproof seal as needed.


Did you know you can wear breadfruit clothing? The bark of the tree can be harvested in slender fibers to generate fabric for a multitude of items including clothing, mosquito nets, and paper. And all of this can be done without killing the tree or damaging the crop.


Did you know that you can give food to animals with fallen breadfruit? Ripe, semi-ripe or broken breadfruits will fall to the bottom if they’re not harvested quickly. Usually, these are thrown away or left to rot under the tree. But the fallen berry and leaves are appropriate as healthy materials for pet supply.

The breadfruit is a very resourceful plant indeed. So the next time you visit a bountiful breadfruit tree, think about all the plain things you can do with this wonderful Jamaican staple.

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