Instagram New Feature Will Get Rid of Trolls


Instagram as made a lot of changes within the past year. From changing the timeline algorithm that caused a panic and a number of turn on post notifications to allowing sixty (60) second videos. The social media network is now adding a feature that will help keep the trolls out of your comment section.

According to the Washington Post . Instagram will now let users filter their comments they get on their photos, base on words or phrases they flag as unacceptable.

Instagram Feature To Get Rid of All Trolls

This feature was made available to most business pages backing June 2016. According to Instagram’s head of public policy Nicki Jackson Colaco. The next accounts to experience the new features will be those belonging to celebrities and then finally to all users. Nicki Jackson Colaco quoted.

Our goals is to make Instagram a friendly, fun and most importantly, a safe place for  self-expression. We have slowly begun to offer accounts with high volume comment threads the option to moderate their comment experience. As we learn we look forward to improving the comment experience for you broader community.”

Base on a photo posted by TechCrunch a moderate button appears in the app and below reads block comments with words or phrases often reported as offensive from appearing on your post.

And if filtering is too much of a hassle.  This feature will also allow you to manually turn off all your comments on your photos.

This will no doubting be helpful to celebrities such as Taylor Swift to after national snake day 🙂 and Kim Kardashian video showing her approving Kanye famous lyrics received mountains of snake emojis in her comment section.

Instagram Trolls 


All thought Instagram’s manager declined to say whether or not is was brought about due to the Taylor incident it certainly would make sense. But we all know it was one of the reasons why it was brought about now. Because they have a number of celebrities other than Taylor who have ungracefully  suffer from the similar out lash.

To most celebrities, these changes to the Instagram comment section won’t be an issue because some of them don’t even get that much attention like others do.

I am very sure more updates about the new Instagram features will surface in a couple of weeks maybe months, and I will be sure to report on those features for you all.

I will also be doing another post about Instagram stories and how it works.





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